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Odoo Operations Apps allows companies to manage stocks, inventories, timesheets, projects. Odoo ERP system also includes a helpdesk application to manage customer requests.

Odoo Inventory App


Manage stocks across multiple warehouses with Odoo's double-entry inventory management system that allows you to track all the information of a product from the supplier to the customer. All on an intuitive, modern and mobile interface. The software allows you to manage basic operations such as delivery notes, inventory adjustments, inventory management receipts, packaging, scrap, inventory transfers and barcode scanning.

Odoo Purchase App


Purchase allows you to manage data suppliers and purchase orders to Improve your supply chain and inventory performance. Odoo ERP system's automation automatically manages your purchasing workflow with procurement rules based on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders and more. You can also arrange your purchasing workflow with purchasing data.

Odoo Helpdesk App


Improve your customer service with an awesome user interface that allows you to quickly track, prioritize and solve customer tickets. Boost your team's productivity with service license agreements, automated actions, as well as pre-written scripts and canned responses for live chat and emails. Self-service allows customers to be apart of the process with the ability to manage and close tickets.

Odoo Field Service App

Field Service

Odoo's Field Service Management software allows you to give your customers excellent services even off-premises. Intuitive and mobile, the module lets you schedule appointments, assign tasks, sell products, provide quotes, plan and track work from your connected device. Customers in the field can also sign reports electronically on the spot.

Odoo Documents App


The foundation of a paperless company. Integrated into several Odoo applications, Odoo Documents is a document management system taken to a whole new level. Save time with a streamlined workflow built with validations and collaboration in mind. Document sharability allows documents to be shared among important project contributors and signed electronically.

Odoo Project App


Organize, schedule, plan and analyze your projects and progress on a modern interface. The software's project management module provides a neat and efficient overview of your projects so that your team can keep track of calendar deadlines and allocate resources accordingly. Graphs and charts help you analyze data from the various project levels in your organization.

Odoo Timesheets App


Fast, intuitive and accessible from anywhere, just like you are. Timesheets in Odoo lets employees track their time and manage tasks on their own accord. For managers, you can track your team's progress at a moment's notice and readjust projects as needed. For added time savings, timesheets can be automatically transferred into invoices to bill your clients.

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