Discover Odoo Human Resources Apps

The HR department will also be able to manage salaries, employees and recruitment in Odoo. Easily manage your human ressource with a user friendly ERP system.

Odoo Employees App


Employee management in Odoo brings together all the best features of a traditional human resource management system. It offers a broad organized view of important information regarding each department's employees. It also helps you improve your HR team's reactivity with alerts for leave requests, applications, appraisals, and more.

Odoo Recruitment App


Odoo simplifies the tiring hiring processes and makes it customizable to better fit your unique business process. Job postings can be created and published directly from the ERP. Candidates for your job listings can be filled and received within the documents module for sorting and review to track job offers.

Odoo Appraisal App


Odoo's Appraisal module enables managers to set up periodical employee evaluations to ensure the company is moving in the right direction. Evaluations can be created based on business metrics to gain the right insights and information. Schedules can be sent automatically at your defined interval and employee type.

Odoo Approvals App


The approval modules help save time by managing your employee requests and keeping them all in one centralized dashboard for later review. It is built with pre-existing request for travel, office supplies, payments and vehicles, but request types can also be configured to fit your organization.

Odoo Time Off App

Time Off

Manage employee leaves and vacations to and keep your company highly productive. This module lets managers approve or deny requests easily. It also creates reports that organize data for any particular request, or for the whole company to help plan for employees absences ahead of time

Odoo Fleet App


For companies with vehicles, Fleet makes it easy to manage them and their associated costs, insurances, assignments and contract agreements. Connected to other modules within the ERP you can also keep a close eye on needed vehicle services as well. No need for dedicated tracking software.

Odoo Referral App


There are several advantages to internal recruitment, Odoo understands this and is set-up to boost employee referrals with an intuitive and fun recruitment program. Odoo has gamified the referral process to make it easier to send and keep track of employee referrals.

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